Online Professional Organiser Consultants Training Testimonials

Online Professional Organiser Consultants Training

Jenny Vile

“When I called Carol Posener I wasn’t sure if the ‘Online Professional Organiser Training & Online Business Startup Training Course was for me. However, after speaking with Carol, I am glad that I did proceed with these Online Trainings. I found both courses to be very thorough and informative, there were plenty of practice assignments and research that were to be done which gave you further insight into what this type of role would be like eg. How to set up your business and what to expect, working with de-cluttering and organising clients and putting systems in place to better their lives. I would recommend Carol’s professional courses to anyone considering becoming a Professional Organiser. It was fun, thought provoking and inspiring” – Jenny Vile

A. Walton

“I have started it already and have found it very easy to read, full of information. I have already set up my Twitter account and plan to finish my social marketing campaign on the weekend” – A. Walton

Marie Quak – Ducks in a Row Professional Organising

“Thanks so much, Carol, for the great information contained in your Online Professional Organiser Consultants Training program. It helped me immensely in the set up of my business and saved me valuable time not having to research all of these subjects from scratch myself. I found the modules easy to navigate and full of relevant details for the different kinds of requirements and issues across the board in the industry. It has definitely been worth the cost and time invested” – Marie Quak – Ducks in a Row Professional Organising

Rheanna Nagy – Live2Organise

I thoroughly enjoyed completing the Online Professional Organiser Training through your organisation. The great content and easy to follow structure made it a pleasure to study and ignited my passion for Organising even more!” – Rheanna Nagy – Live2Organise

Maria Moses

“Hi Carol, I bought your Online Professional Organiser Training course yesterday after speaking to you last week. I am half way through Module 1 and just love it. I am very excited about learning from a professional at the top of her game such as yourself. Looking forward to what is to come. Thank you. Regards” – Maria Moses

Rheanna Nagy

“Thanks very much for your help. The course was incredibly helpful” – Rheanna Nagy

Amanda Jorgensen

“I would just like to thank-you Carol, for your help & assistance whilst I was taking my Professional Organisers Online Training course. I thought The Professional Organiser Training Institute was very professional, efficient & affordable. I would certainly recommend you to anyone wanting to obtain in-depth information and assistance. I have now received my Certificate and my own Professional Organising business is up and running” – Amanda Jorgensen

Michelle Armer

“I have just completed the Online Professional Organiser Consultants Training AND Online Business Startup Training and I found these two courses to be full of information and a valuable tool for starting my own business. I was able to complete them at my leisure, using them as a checklist for my business as it evolved. I highly recommended these courses for anyone starting out in the Professional Organising industry” – Michelle Armer

Sue Keating

“I have recently completed “Get Organised’s”, Online Professional Organisers course. I have been impressed by the comprehensive information and practical advice offered across each module. The assignments are designed to give you the basic skills you need to start your Professional Organiser business with confidence. I have also engaged Carol for professional mentoring and have found her support motivating and reassuring. Her industry knowledge and experience are second to none. She is a delight to work with.  I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to advance their skills.” – Sue Keating

Deirdre O’Donnell – Design Organisation

“I enjoyed the Online training course and felt it enhanced my skills to be able to turn it into another service for my business” – Deirdre O’Donnell – Design Organisation

Keirra Dace – Miss OCD

“Thank you! I found both your Online courses extremely helpful. There were a few things I had not thought of which I gained from the modules which was great” – Keirra Dace – Miss OCD

Ashleigh Kay

“I have finished your fantastic course and am on the way to starting up my new business in professional organising. I was overwhelmed with the enjoyment I got of this course and the depth of the materials included. This is by far one of the best courses I have ever completed” – Ashleigh Kay

Professional Organiser Consultants Training 1-Day Workshop

Nikki Manno

“Thanks Carol – very informative and interesting – thanks for a great workshop!!” – Nikki Manno

Dianne Turner

“It has been encouraging and worth making the effort to come” – Dianne Turner

Sandra Francis

An informative day and Carol is an inspiration! You make getting organised very easy!” – Sandra Francis

Kat Jurlina

“The best elements of the workshop were – EVERYTHING! Just reinforcing that I knew the information. It was all so interesting” – Kat Jurlina

Jennifer Carver

“Very enjoyable workshop – not a boring moment! Very informative. THANK YOU for sharing your experience and wisdom” – Jennifer Carver

Angele Bouchet

“It was wonderful, thank you! Specifically the client scenarios and role playing”

Belinda King

“Thank you so much – inspirational!! and afterwards…”Just a quick email to thank you so much for the training on Friday – it was fantastic! Thanks for sending the handbook – I’ll spend some time this week looking over it”

Maile Baineau

“Great, informative and well presented course – very interesting” – Maile Baineau

Deborah Wall

“Had a ball” – Deborah Wall

Janine Parnell

“I found this 1-Day Workshop very useful and inspiring when starting out a new business venture”

Marion Commandeur

“I found the workshop very beneficial and I really enjoyed getting to know you Carol. Thank you” – Marion Commandeur

Gaye Cherry

“You’re an inspiration! Great presentation, Thanks for coming to Melbourne” – Gaye Cherry

Jane Barrington

“Really enjoyed the day – a lot of information was collected in a very pleasant atmosphere – very invigorating and exciting” – Jane Barrington

Susan Holloway

“Thank you again for your time & effort & for sharing your wealth of experience & useful tips. I’ve really appreciated it” – Susan Holloway

Jane Meikle

“I enjoyed your training thoroughly and it was all I hoped it would be. Many thanks” – Jane Meikle

Megan Simpson

“Great to have finally found a career where I can use all my talents” – Megan Simpson

Dyanna Thommeny

“I enjoyed the small group and relaxed atmosphere” – Dyanna Thommeny

Michaela Gislingham

“I was very fortunate to have one on one time with Carol who shared all her tips and techniques which will be invaluable as I embark on starting my own business” – Michaela Gislingham

Laura Powell

“Great! Thank you for sharing your years of experience! – Laura Powell

Emma Griffin

“It was so inspiring to meet you Carol! Thank you for all your effort in preparing a very informative and enjoyable training session. Your experience and knowledge was definitely worth the investment” – Emma Griffin

Jayne Fagan

“Carol, it was a pleasure to attend your course. I hope we will meet again. You are a true professional” – Jayne Fagan

Felicity Martin

“Thank you Carol for a wonderful and informative day. You have inspired me to move forward with this business venture of Professional Organising. Thank you again for a great day”

Annette Chen

“Fabulous! I have more confidence to get started now” – Annette Chen

Lotus Kruse

“I feel overwhelmed and excited. I have a lot of skills to acquire but feel I have clear steps to move towards improving skills – thank you” – Lotus Kruse

Jenette Montgomerie

“Thank you Carol, I really enjoyed my training and look forward to using it with my business” – Jenette Montgomerie

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