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Helping people to bring order to their lives is an incredibly rewarding profession. We love to see our clients’ stress melt away and get a thrill knowing they have the freedom to focus on what they love most.

If you are a naturally organised person with a strong desire to help others then this could be the perfect career for you too.

Whether you are starting your own Professional Organising business or want to become an Organising Consultant, our Workshops and Online Training Programs will answer all your questions. We share over two decades of learning and experience, helping you to set up your business, set your fees, deal with different personality types and build your business profile.

Graduates have come from all over Australia, and as far afield as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. The Professional Organiser Training Institute training programs are recognised by The Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO), and will add to your ‘education points’ when applying for Accreditation with your membership.

Enrol in our training programs to fast-track your skills and knowledge in this growth industry to give you the tools and confidence to start your own business.

Professional Organiser Training Workshops

Professional Organiser 1-Day Workshop – View Upcoming Workshops

Online Professional Organiser Training

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