Kathy Desmond – Kathy Desmond Consulting Pty Ltd

“Thank you so much for your work. I feel so good about my office and my improved ability to manage my business. The best thing about all this are the systems you set up for me. Now there is a flow of the processes for all my information – from when it comes in (whether by work load or by mail) to how it needs to be actioned, to where it gets filed and later archived. There is nowhere for things to get ‘stuck’ and thus accumulate. Everything I pick up now I have a place or process to use so there are no more piles or letters lying around. The systems are all simple, I have no problem understanding how they all work and how easy it is to use them. For me this has been money very well spent and I’m recommending you to everyone I know” – Kathy Desmond – Kathy Desmond Consulting Pty Ltd

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