Helen Cameron

“My family and I needed help to move my Aunt from a 2 bedroom home to a retirement village apartment, and due to various reasons, we could not manage the time to do this process ourselves, so we enrolled the assistance of Get Organised.  Two consultants organised the de-clutter and pack-up of my Aunts house in 3 days including disposal of unwanted items, recycling to charities and other beneficial recipients. I was amazed at the calm and efficient service that they delivered without a hitch.  The next issue I needed help with was organising all of my Aunts paperwork, and working out how to manage this in the future for her, as I have been appointed Power of Attorney for her affairs.  A Get Organised consultant sorted, culled, disposed of, archived and organised it all into easy to follow systems for the future. There is a place for everything, and I understand it because it is logical. The best part is, my family and I won’t have to do this whole emotional process when my Aunt passes.  Get Organised took away the angst of working through all the outdated paper, and unwanted items to resurrect the important documents my Aunt needs for the rest of her life” Helen Cameron (September, 2013)

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