“Painting the picture and history…
Yes, like most of us I am a busy person. I am very possibly one of the busier people I know. I am reasonably organised in the way I do things, but I guess, like most, there are parts of each of our worlds that become a little left behind and become cluttered and disorganised. Instead of enjoying my times to relax, I felt a heavy weight, thinking constantly about the ‘tidying I need to do”. Kind of a bit silly really. While I didn’t fit into the category of the decluttering shows you can see on tv, I was a little daunted by the reorganising of my dressing room and home office.
Carol has helped me a couple times before, and I have certainly learnt so much, and the incredible help I got from her five years ago when I moved back into my totally refurbished house was just amazing. The removalists unpacked, well that’s what they called it. I was absolutely devastated. My large home felt small, tight and with no space. They had dumped everything they could as quickly as possible with very little rhyme or reason. Carol to the rescue with one of her fabulous assistants by her side. My home was amazing, organised, with a tonne of space everywhere.

As I said I was busy, so it can be easy to put stuff into the dressing room on a hanger in the wrong area, the memorabilia spreads into many areas. My shoes, seemed to grow (shopping helps) and shift the spaces where things belong. The same with everything else. Things happen, and life goes on.

I bit the bullet – am I a failure, no, I am into helping myself. I called Carol. The weight is lifted. While we work well together, Carol leads the way. I disappear at times to work on my computer, then go back in to sort through the culled things that Carol needs decisions on. Carol has a no fuss way of helping you. She has an intuition that is like no other. I find myself wanting to cull. There is no pressure to throw things out, Carol is there to organise things that can just be unclear to us on how to do it. We get too close to things to see what needs to be grouped, what needs to be kept and those things that might need to be moved on to another home or trashed. Everything makes sense. I know it starts a little hard, but as the minutes tick past, it is a great feeling of being in control.

So we did it. I am a happy girl. Will I be able to keep it like this? Each organised part of the room, is designed to be easy to keep that way. I think it is more that my life shifts in focus and therefore I need to alter the priorities. As I said, I am not horrendously disorganised, but now I feel so much happier. Carol made my life feel lighter. Yes, being in control is great”

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