Organising Homes, Apartments and Life

Richard Wenchao He (August 2012)

“Good advice which will save me a lot of time and make my home look better with better use of space”Richard Wenchao He (August 2012)

Kate C. (November, 2012)

“Thanks for everything you are doing to help me – it is life-changing! – Kate C. (November, 2012)

Helen Cameron

“Carol was efficient and professional and a pleasure to have in my home. I have been on a very satisfying and productive learning curve – thank you so much”Helen Cameron

Newtown Teiotu (May, 2013)

“Very professional at all areas and excellent service. Highly recommend with friends” – Newtown Teiotu (May, 2013)

David Mair (July, 2013)

“Thanks Carol – You’re a life saver!”David Mair (July, 2013)

Helen Cameron

“My family and I needed help to move my Aunt from a 2 bedroom home to a retirement village apartment, and due to various reasons, we could not manage the time to do this process ourselves, so we enrolled the assistance of Get Organised.  Two consultants organised the de-clutter and pack-up of my Aunts house in 3 days including disposal of unwanted items, recycling to charities and other beneficial recipients. I was amazed at the calm and efficient service that they delivered without a hitch.  The next issue I needed help with was organising all of my Aunts paperwork, and working out how to manage this in the future for her, as I have been appointed Power of Attorney for her affairs.  A Get Organised consultant sorted, culled, disposed of, archived and organised it all into easy to follow systems for the future. There is a place for everything, and I understand it because it is logical. The best part is, my family and I won’t have to do this whole emotional process when my Aunt passes.  Get Organised took away the angst of working through all the outdated paper, and unwanted items to resurrect the important documents my Aunt needs for the rest of her life” Helen Cameron (September, 2013)

Kathy Desmond – Kathy Desmond Consulting Pty Ltd

“Thank you so much for your work. I feel so good about my office and my improved ability to manage my business. The best thing about all this are the systems you set up for me. Now there is a flow of the processes for all my information – from when it comes in (whether by work load or by mail) to how it needs to be actioned, to where it gets filed and later archived. There is nowhere for things to get ‘stuck’ and thus accumulate. Everything I pick up now I have a place or process to use so there are no more piles or letters lying around. The systems are all simple, I have no problem understanding how they all work and how easy it is to use them. For me this has been money very well spent and I’m recommending you to everyone I know” – Kathy Desmond – Kathy Desmond Consulting Pty Ltd

Carol Walker – Mint Marketing

“A Godsend for me – a work from home Mum. I wish I had done this years ago.” – Carol Walker – Mint Marketing

Sarah Tammer

“It was SO nice to come home to an organised office – such a good feeling after 16 hours on set. I had a quick read through the notes you left – I will study more closely and follow instructions. Looking forward to next session and forwarding your details to a divine colleague” Sarah Tammer


“I’m very grateful to give feedback, Heidi was wonderful and she was a very fast worker.  We got through a lot of my clutter in record time and after the work was done I felt wonderful.  Just so free and lighter – the energy in my house was free and lighter, my friends and family thought so too.  Heidi also offered some storage ideas which were great that I would not have thought of.  Heidi was considerate of my things and overall it was a wonderful experience.”

Kindest regards, Deb

“The difference that you made to our wardrobes a couple of years back was phenomenal and we can still find everything and all in its place! In coming months I will certainly want you to help with our attic storage and office area so I will be in touch closer to the time.”

Jenny Shylan

“Two days have transformed two bedrooms into beautiful, usable spaces. I am now able to use both space and am able to find what I need easily. Thank you Carol.”

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