Organising Homes, Apartments and Life

Anna Shepherd

“I engaged the services of Get Organised to declutter and organise my home. At first I thought it would be something that would take one day, Carol advised that she was training someone and brought along another person to assist her free of charge. I took the day off work and thought it would easily be finished in one day. Well I was wrong. Apart from the fact that it takes years to create the clutter and of course a lot of angst about getting it done yourself, I couldn’t believe how long it takes to clean everything out, put it in order, decide the master plan of where everything goes and then move to the next cupboard. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I worked alongside both Carol and Helen, who didn’t stop for a second. It took three days with two people plus myself to completely go through my apartment, even still there was more to be done. I was grateful for the assistance and feel a lot more organised. Carol is very discrete and calmly organises as she goes, and I am sure Helen will be a great asset to the company”Anna Shepherd

Deborah Guyon

“Sometimes self-help books don’t help. You need someone to help you get through the initial difficulties of getting sorted. It’s just easier to ring Carol and the staff at Get Organised and worth the money!” Deborah Guyon

Melissa Leslie

“Wonderful service. Easy to work with. Helped tame our paperwork overload” – Melissa Leslie

Tori Dixon-Whittle

“Carol is just the person I needed and was looking for when I decided I needed to get more organised” – Tori Dixon-Whittle

Deb Stuart

“I just wanted to say how happy I am with my kitchen – it is a totally different place – actually I get startled everyone time I come round the corner and see it; I cant believe its my kitchen” – Deb Stuart

Katy Richardson (Age 18)

“Carol helped me make my room feel lighter, everything has a set place. I feel much more organised and in contol of things. I know I’ll be much more organised for uni now. One of the best things I’ve ever done!” – Katy Richardson (Age 18)

Gary Wohlman

“Thanks for all of your support, patience and persistence that you shared with me yesterday so I can live in greater harmony and order and ease in my life. I couldn’t have done what we did in 4 hours without you! Now that we’ve created a system I can follow, life looks and feels brighter.” – Gary Wohlman

Sue Hambly

“Without the help of Get Organised, in particular Carol Posener, I would never have been able to get over the mountain of ‘stuff’ that was clogging my life. Now I can see what I have and don’t have to think ‘whatever happened to?…and where is it?’ I’d reached a barrier that I couldn’t get around and needed help to push forward, which is now what I am doing, in my personal and working life. Thanks to Carol and her team for helping me clear my physical space as well as my head space”. – Sue Hambly

Melinda Chapman – wife, mother.

“Thanks for your help yesterday in organising our playroom. I told the children that a fairy had come to visit. Her daughter (Aged 5) replied “ I know what that means, you tidied up”. She couldn’t believe the change and said “ Now we need to put up some rules, such as keep tidy and put things away where they belong!”. They loved the drawing paper on the table too. It was difficult to get them away from their area. Thanks again” – Melinda Chapman – wife, mother.

Renee Hall

“It feels like a new place – without the hassle of moving. Carol was great – full of ideas and very professional” – Renee Hall

“Having moved from a large six bedroom two-storey home to a V.I.P.

“Having moved from a large six bedroom two-storey home to a small one bedroom unit, the chaos seemed insurmountable until with some apprehension I invited Carol to come and see if there was light at the end of the tunnel!! In a short time and with understanding and sensitiveness to my needs, she changed my little unit from a cluttered storeroom to a very functional and comfortable place to live. I highly and unreservedly recommend Get Organised!” – V.I.P.

Terry & Betsy McKay

“The removal and relocation experience has been very demanding so far. On looking back, it would have been far more traumatic without you and your team’s substantial assistance in re-organising so much of the storage and filing systems at our former residence – just ahead of an unexpected opportunity turning up that enabled us to pack it all up and move into this new location” – Terry & Betsy McKay

“Brilliant! Provided warm, affirmative “service” like a member of V.I.P.

“Brilliant! Provided warm, affirmative “service” like a member of our own family. Never negative about our muddle. Carol and her team had a clear sense of ‘organising space’ so space for ‘everything’ miraculously appeared. We can now actually reach everything. There was a great sense of team and consultation was excellent. All consultants were highly professional and skilled in their roles. A big thank you for your tireless efforts on our behalf”V.I.P.

Rita Shagrin – Mother and Student

“I feel like I am back on track again – perhaps for the first time. Get Organised gave me the incentive needed to take control of my home and my life!” – Rita Shagrin – Mother and Student

Dr Elizabeth Wilson – GP

“I had become exasperated with the disorder in my flat and a friend suggested to me that “Get Organised” might be a help. I needed help to retrain myself in tidiness. Carol is more like a daughter or younger sister and goes about her work in a very kind and unobtrusive way. She has become a good friend”DrElizabeth Wilson – GP

Judy McIntyre – Writer, Mother.

“The staff has a special talent for being discrete, non-intrusive and compassionate about what can be embarrassing for people. They weren’t pushy and had helpful suggestions. Both my husband and I were delighted with the remarkable changes that were made” – Judy McIntyre – Writer, Mother.

Heather Grace Jones – ‘Very Messy Person’ – ABC Journalist

“This is the most satisfying life experience! Throwing things away and knowing where things are.” – Heather Grace Jones – ‘Very Messy Person’ – ABC Journalist

Glynn O’Neill

“I was daunted by the prospect of tackling all the paper, memorabilia etc. Carol’s relaxed manner and sensitivity to client’s idiosyncrasies enabled me to freely decide what was really important to keep and how to keep it in a way that was both accessible and attractive” – Glynn O’Neill

Julie Adam – Music Teacher

“Carol was most patient, conscientious, friendly and understanding. She supported me and continued to do so in the weeks that followed whilst I carried through what she had instigated” – Julie Adam – Music Teacher

Anna Richie

“It is the best investment of time and money I have ever made” – Anna Richie


“You have unleashed new energy and I am grateful as always.  It  feels so good to look around the house!” – V.I.P.


“Thanks for coming and spending the day with me. It makes such a difference to the way I am feeling!! I feel so much more peaceful and better able to cope” – V.I.P.

Beverley Parker

“I am moving overseas and one of my greatest concerns was getting my mountains of paperwork organised. Carol has spent 3 days with me and made my life so much easier!! and extremely organised” – Beverley Parker


“Hi Carol, I woke up this morning with a warm glow knowing that my desk was again under control. So a big thank you from me to you !!  For the last couple of years my life has been a struggle at times with health problems as you know.  Your visits have helped so much. V.I.P.


“Jo was kind and gentle with an embarrassing situation and great with children” – V.I.P.

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