Professional Organising & Concierge Services


Organise Your Home or Office

Harmonise Your Home

Feeling like your house is starting to close in on you? We work with you to sensitively declutter and reorder your household spaces. We even offer styling advice so your spaces aren’t just efficient; they look fabulous too.

If it’s errands and paperwork that are getting you down, we work with you to fine-tune the day-to-day running of your home, establishing simple but effective systems to get you back in control.

Streamline Your Office

Poor systems and disorganised work spaces cost business owners time and money. An unruly work environment affects morale and productivity. Inefficiencies not only increase costs, they take you away from family and friends.

If it’s time to take charge of your home-office or business then let our professional consultants help. We work with you to establish an efficient home-office and workstation space, and streamline business systems, giving you time back for the important things in life.

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GO Concierge – Regular Organising Service

Delegate to Your Own PA

If you lead a busy life, staying on top of the little things can feel like a waste of precious time. Your energies would be so much better spent expanding your business, managing your practice or travelling the world. Or perhaps you’re reaching an age where the ‘little things’ don’t feel so little anymore.

Our Concierge Service takes those ‘little things’ off your plate – freeing up your time and your mind.

Running errands, buying groceries, remembering birthdays and choosing gifts, organising tradespeople, management paperwork, paying the bills, collecting the dry cleaning…Any task you don’t have time for or just plain don’t want to do: we’ll do it for you.

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Moving House or Downsizing

Relocating and still having to juggle work, family and everyday life? Don’t stress! Our Professional Organisers will manage the entire move plus ensure that your new home is set up to run efficiently.

We recommend and manage your removalist, declutter and streamline your home contents, professionally pack, label and unpack your belongings, organise and style your new spaces. Your new home is a sanctuary from the moment you move in!

Moving from a family home to a small apartment or retirement residence can be fraught with emotion. There are so many unknowns. How am I going to live in such a small space? What should I keep? What should I do with things I no longer need? Add to this all the usual stresses associated with a move, and downsizing can be exhausting and disorienting.

Whether it’s yourself or a parent doing the downsizing, our professional consultants will guide you gently through the process. We help plan and style to optimise smaller spaces, sensitively review your belongings and arrange for disposal when necessary. And, of course, we coordinate your entire move. Your new home is ready to go. Just add love!

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