Save the Environment by Reducing Landfill.

OzRecycleis an Australian Recycler community dedicated to reducing landfill by creating opportunities for consumers to give away, donate or receive things for free.

Launched in 2007, their website hosts a Classifieds section for people to advertise a diverse range of give-aways such as books, electronics, homewares, furniture, collections, toys, Whitegoods, artwork, music and so on.

encourages membership and exists because of support in the form of donations from happy customers, motivated and concerned individuals and environmentalists alike. 

People offer donations because they have saved tip fees or have received something for free. Donations can be made via a secure payment gateway and are simple to do.

Anyone can post an item in the Classifieds
for someone who may need it, check the ‘Items wanted’ categories to make a direct contribution, or, of course, list anything needed in this section.

Information from the website about items posted can be managed through an instant RSS feed to your email program or mobile phone. Be the one of the first to know!

Simply visit the website, sign up and have some fun! Who knows what may become of your efforts? At the very least, you will be joining the voice of environmentalists and engaging in the power of action to make a contribution to the welfare of our planet.

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