Recycling Mobile Phones

When your current mobile isn’t giving you maximum efficiency anymore, check with your mobile phone provider to see if you are entitled to a free upgrade.

People tend to stay with their phone company for a number of years so you could be surprised. When upgrading your mobile phone – recycle the old one consciously for our environment. Most retail mobile phone outlets provide recycling bins for the collection of your old phone.

FACTS: Over 90% of the materials in mobile phones can be recovered to make new products. The gold, silver, nickel, cadmium and plastics in the mobile phones can be turned into jewellery, stainless steel, batteries and plastic fence posts and pallets. The mobile phone industry claims that you can recover the same amount of gold from 50,000 handsets as from mining 110 tons of gold ore. (Source: Australia Mobile Telecommunications Association). 

Get Involved: visit to learn more on recycling your phone and to find the nearest drop-off location to you. 

If you need to upgrade your mobile phone, consider the option of getting a handheld PDA (or Personal Digital Assistant), a Blackberry or, of course, an iPhone, to streamline your appointments, contacts, tasks and other important information.

We’ve found a product which will make charging your mobile phone, Mp3 player or PDA device easy. 

The Drinn™ Mobile Phone Holder is a handy, easy to use product for anyone with a mobile phone, an Mp3 player or a PDA device. It is made of a special mix of plastic and rubber giving the holder strength and grip. Drinn™ is 100% Made in Italy. Bellissimo!

How does it work? Drinn™ hangs between your battery charger and the wall socket. It provides a support for your mobile phone, Mp3 player or PDA device and convenient storage for your charging cord.

TIP 1: It will reduce desk and bench-top clutter, and allows you to nominate one place for charging your device every time. (A place for everything…) 

TIP 2: Every member of the family can own one in a different colour so there’s no confusion with charger cables. Bonus: A great organising tool for the man in your life, too!

Available in white, black and lime green. PRICE: $10.00 (Ex GST)

To purchase a Drinn™ Mobile Phone Holder, go to our online store at  and follow the steps to order and pay online. We know you’ll love it!

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