Professional Organiser Consultants Training Workshop

Professional Organiser Consultants Training 1-Day Workshop

In ONE day - learn how to become a Professional Organiser!

The Professional Organising industry was founded in Australia by Carol Posener in 1993, and her training programs are designed to help people like you - to get ahead fast! 

Are you:

  • Looking for a career change and want to work for yourself?
  • Wanting to start your own business and follow your passion?
  • Wanting to help people and make a difference in peoples lives?
  • Naturally organised?
  • A teacher, nurse, counsellor, trainer, feng shui consultant, interior designer or previous business owner?

Workshops deliver the insights and skills necessary to work in this industry.

  • The information delivered will help you plan, organise, control and complete organising projects efficiently and professionally.
  • Facilitated by Carol Posener, the author of "Get Organised – A Practical Guide to Organising Your Home and Office" and founder of Get Organised, Carol has facilitated Professional Organiser Consultants Training Workshops for the past 10 years and trained many of the registered members of The Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO).

Course content includes:

  • Introduction to the Professional Organising industry
  • How to get organised so you can organise others
  • Confidentiality
  • Insurance and Safety in the workplace
  • Dealing with Your Customers
  • Identifying clients needs
  • Client & session time-management
  • Paper management
  • How to analyse, assess & prioritise what needs to be done in any situation
  • In-depth office & home organising tips
  • Learn processes that you can use immediately with clients
  • Product and resources - adding complimentary income streams to your service
  • Plus much, much more including industry insights from Carol.

Workshop dates are posted BELOW and you can book directly from this page...

Professional Organiser Consultants Training 1-Day Workshop  Price: $1500 (includes 10% GST). Course fees are tax deductible for your business.

Note: Workshop bookings must be confirmed and booked two weeks prior to course commencement date. 



New dates will be posted when the COVID-19 Pandemic is over - Register your interest to or purchase here...


There are limited seats for our workshops, so please contact us to register your interest. Confirmation and payment must be received at least two weeks prior to the workshop. If you would prefer an alternative date, simply email us to enquire about availability.

This training can also be delivered in Brisbane or Melbourne - to express your interest email us at


Register Now! PDF registration form.
M: 0414 975 657

Location for all sessions in:


Venue to be advised.

Session times:

Saturday: 9.00am-5.00pm

Professional Organiser Consultants Training 1-Day Workshop Testimonials

"It was wonderful, thank you! Specifically the client scenarios and role playing" - Angele Bouchet

"Thank you for all your help and invaluable insight" - Caroline Rule

"You were fantastic. A massive thank you for coming today. I learned loads" - Amanda Allen

"This has been an extremely informative day in a very relaxed atmosphere. TOP DAY! Many thanks" - Brooke Wallace

"Thank you. It was a fantastic introduction to the industry and I look forward to putting your advice and information to good use. As someone not already working in the industry, the business elements e.g.: insurance and safety were very useful. Structuring the sessions and practical organising ideas were great. Was reassuring to know my own ideas were on track". - Jenny Malins

"Thank you so much - inspirational!! and afterwards..."Just a quick email to thank you so much for the training on Friday – it was fantastic! Thanks for sending the handbook – I’ll spend some time this week looking over it"- Belinda King

"I found this 1-Day Workshop very useful and inspiring when starting out a new business venture" - Janine Parnell

"Thank you very much. Had a wonderful day"- Leisha Armstrong

"Thank you so very much. It was a huge tick in the box for me and will hopefully motivate me to move full steam ahead with my business" - Caroline Ord

"Great to get information on new products and applications - all information extremely useful" - Miriam Prystupa

"Very useful! Your knowledge of the business was so helpful. Looking forward to putting it to use. Thank you" - Heidi Tetz

"Before this training, I had read a couple of books by Organisers in the US but I was unsure if organising was really a feasible business. After this one day jam packed with really useful information, I feel so much more confident that I can make it work. The real life examples and being able to look at the forms used and the products and services that we can recommend were just priceless. Thanks Carol! You have really helped give me the boost to jump in sooner rather than later." - Nerine Gillard

"Thank you Carol for a wonderful and informative day. You have inspired me to move forward with this business venture of Professional Organising. Thank you again for a great day" - Felicity Martin

"Thank you! Lots to think about" - Monique Brierley

"The workshop was a lot of fun, and inspiring too.  Your own business story is so impressive and a wonderful example to which we might aspire to match in creativity and success.  It will be fascinating to watch the outcomes. Thanks again" - Linda Eakin

“I enjoyed the friendly, easy to follow and very comprehensive programme that Carol set out. Your workshop was relaxed and easy to follow with mountains of information. Thank you for sharing names & places; where to find things. I can't wait to put it all into action early next year" - Dawn Niven

"Thank you so much for...really informative 'stuff'. I feel really ready and prepared to tackle any client that may come up and can tackle each session with a confidence I did not have before" - Jennie Fountain (Organised2at)

"I found your training extremely enjoyable and informative. You covered a lot more than expected and I was impressed by your willingness to so generously share your experience and knowledge which took you many years to attain. You made us feel at ease and comfortable to ask questions and share ideas and thoughts" - Maurine Song

"Thanks again for being an industry leader and providing this type of training. It is going to help new organisers and to set industry standards and benchmarks" - Suzanne Goye

"Carol, thank you so much for giving us the benefit of your years of experience in the industry. I'm both excited and scared about getting out there and making it happen for myself, but can't wait to give it a go! Thanks again" - Leslee Stroud

"Lovely to meet you. I feel so much more confident in my ability to offer this service, you have blazed the train – thank you!" - Kristie Wells

"Great course – really comprehensive and motivating" - Marianne Carroll

“Great, informative and well presented course – very interesting” - Maile Baineau

"I have enjoyed every minute - including the role plays and meeting Carol and the other participants. Great course - full of useful information, ideas and possibilities" - Vicki Moore

"Fabulous, very informative. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!" - Hayley Kessner

"Thank you Carol for such a wonderful two days. Your willingness to share your invaluable knowledge is amazing. I am really excited about setting up my business and know these two days have been worth it! Thank you" - Helen Butler

"I enjoyed your training thoroughly and it was all I hoped it would be. Many thanks" - Jane Meikle

"Thanks heaps. Thoroughly enjoyed it all" - Alison Dunn

"Thanks Carol - very informative and interesting - thanks for a great workshop!!" - Nikki Manno

"Thank you very much Carol. I enjoyed every bit of this workshop and will use all of your advice, tips and information in the future. I loved it!" - Jess Constance

"Excellent training Carol. I feel more confident and equipped with information to start working as a PO" - Kelly Wickham

"It was great to make this a part of a chain of events that is meant to be. Thank you so much" - Diana Byrne

"Fantastic! Having access to all your wisdom and expertise had really excited me in getting started" - Kat Tate

"Great Workshop! Great opportunity to gain knowledge from someone with so much experience" - Linda Eagleton

"Walking away happy with information I have gained from today" - Tanya Wolfe

"Really enjoyed the day - a lot of information was collected in a very pleasant atmosphere - very invigorating and exciting" - Jane Barrington

"Thank you for your years of experience. Hearing how different situations can be dealt with was very helpful. You made me aware of other avenues in being a Professional Organiser that I didn't think of" - Carolyn Verhoef

"Carol has taught me a lot about how to set up my PO business. Carol is very knowledgeable on this subject and had a lot of experience and expertise to share with us" - Michele Vella

"An informative day and Carol is an inspiration! You make getting organised very easy!" - Sandra Francis

"It was so inspiring to meet you Carol! Thank you for all your effort in preparing a very informative and enjoyable training session. Your experience and knowledge was definitely worth the investment" - Emma Griffin

"Very encouraging and inspiring - thank you" - Kylie Dorbon

"All information was well presented and easy to understand" - Liz McLean

"Really helpful thank you very much. Good to have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify." - Susan Holloway

"I certainly did enjoy the course & on reflection have realised so much more how valuable & comprehensive your training was" - name retained for privacy reasons.

"Thank you again for your time & effort & for sharing your wealth of experience & useful tips. I've really appreciated it" - Susan Holloway

"Very useful. Handout great to take away. Lovely atmosphere for training" - Helen Slarke

"Thanks for all the information, support and ideas about becoming a personal organiser. The encouragement has been fantastic! I am rearing to go!" - Helen Scott

"I feel overwhelmed and excited. I have a lot of skills to acquire but feel I have clear steps to move towards improving skills - thank you" - Lotus Kruse

"The best elements of the workshop were - EVERYTHING! Just reinforcing that I knew the information. It was all so interesting" - Kat Jurlina

"Had an amazing time. Loved listening to all the ideas and suggestions. Really excited about the idea of starting" - Claudia Bartolillo

"Great! Thank you for sharing your years of experience! - Laura Powell

"Thank you very much Carol. I enjoyed every bit of this workshop and will use all of your advice, tips and information in the future. I loved it!" - Jess Constance.

"Thanks Heaps! Thoroughly enjoyed it all" - Alison Dunn

"I found the workshop very beneficial and I really enjoyed getting to know you Carol. Thank you" - Marion Commandeur

"Thank you, I enjoyed you sharing insights" - Karen Perkins

"Fabulous! I have more confidence to get started now" - Annette Chen

"Thank you for sharing your skills and experience with us all. It was a highly motivating and energising experience" - Angela Milic

"Thank you Carol, I really enjoyed my training and look forward to using it with my business" - Jenette Montgomerie

"You're an inspiration! Great presentation, Thanks for coming to Melbourne" - Gaye Cherry

"Very enjoyable workshop - not a boring moment! Very informative. THANK YOU for sharing your experience and wisdom" - Jennifer Carver

"Had a ball" - Deborah Wall

"Enjoyed very much. Found the approach very helpful" - Maria Alberico

"It was enjoyable. I learned heaps. It was great talking to an experienced PO" - Elizabeth Ash

"Thanks Carol - Great!" - Linda De Mestre

"Great to have finally found a career where I can use all my talents" - Megan Simpson

"I enjoyed the small group and relaxed atmosphere" - Dyanna Thommeny

"I had a great time and enjoyed the workshop and meeting other people" - Yvonne Riches

"Carol, it was a pleasure to attend your course. I hope we will meet again. You are a true professional" - Jayne Fagan

"The training is delivered in such a way that it is easily integrated - very enjoyable" - Michelle Darby-Fay

"Really informative. Gave you a good idea of what to expect" - Elizabeth Douaghty

"Great venue and loved the small group" - Jan Hungerford

"Thank you Carol, I really enjoyed the two days I spend with you learning. It was really interesting. Thanx" - Sonia Stuart

"Really useful...really inspiring. I feel I could go out and start a business now" - Tess Wearing

"I am so glad that I was able to learn so much from you and you are willing to share information that has taken years for you to acquire. I cannot thank you enough for your help" - Leesa Kotis

"Great that it was a small class, plenty of time to ask questions. A much clear idea of what do next. Thanks" - Jenny Handasyde

"Generally, a great two days packed with lots of practical tips. Fantastic that it was open and informal and I really appreciated being able to ask you a million questions. Thank you Carol for the great energy you put in" - Roz Howland

"The course was extremely well presented, well laid out and visual and how to ideas. Very professional. I'm in awe of all you do!" - Hilary Wheeler

"It has been encouraging and worth making the effort to come" - Dianne Turner

"Thank you heaps! I really enjoyed the past few days and I am really considering the career change" - Kirsty-Anne Neagle

"Thank you! My life has changed and a  new door has been opened" - Ilsa Rice

"Nice to meet you and the girls" - Lisa Gandy

"I was not sure if I wanted to do Professional Organising but this course has given me the affirmation that I can really do this!" - Sharon Callander

"This has been a wonderful experience and I feel motivated and inspired to go home and start work on my business!" - Juliette Dent

"Fantastic - Thank you!" - Lynette Batch

"Thank you Carol, it has been REALLY useful. I am now very motivated to get started and I also feel very capable of approaching my first client" - Danielle Patterson

"This was a great workshop - most enjoyable and I look forward to working in this industry. Thank you" - Heather

"Great presenting skills. You really know your clientele (how they can differ), your products and you have a huge amount of skill in this area" - Sarah King

"Carol is a fantastic presenter, organised and enthusiastic, yet calm and professional. Her use of a variety of mediums kept the presentations lively and interesting. Clearly she is a true professional, hugely experienced and talented" - Louise Scott

"It was a great workshop with Louise and Sarah. They both added lots of experience. Your presentation was easy to follow, factual and professional" - Jo Carmichael

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