Pet Sitting Checklist



The Get Organised ‘Pet-Sitting’ Checklist has been designed to give you peace of mind knowing your best friend is getting all the love, care and exercise it needs without the stress of being dropped at an unfamiliar pet facility away from its home. Pets are more comfortable in their home environment where they can stick to their normal exercise and feeding routine.

This checklist will ensure that when you return from your own adventure, your fur baby will have their own happy story to tell. From personal experience, the difference in your pet’s behaviour when you do return home is remarkable.

Included in this checklist:

  • How to prepare your pets and home for your Pet-Sitter
  • The information you need to supply to your Pet-Sitter
  • Specific characteristics of your pet
  • Set up a hard-copy folder to present the documentation needed for your Pet-Sitter
  • Ideas of what you could include
  • This Checklist can be re-used
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