Get Organised – Travel Checklist



Travelling to other countries or to different locations nearer to home is a joy that expands our horizons and offers us a different perspective on life which enhances our world view. Travel also gives us experiences that help with inspiration, growth, and spirituality.

To get to where you are going, you need a plan and this Get Organised Travel Checklist will guide you in how to plan your next trip but also includes everything you need to take with you so you are comfortable and well equipped.

Included in this Travel Checklist:

  • Pre-Travel tips – things to do
  • Essentials to take
  • Technology tottake
  • For Children
  • Things to Record Before You Leave
  • Toiletries to take
  • Clothing & Accessories to take
  • On-board packing
  • Right before departure
  • How to Pack a Suitcase



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