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At Get Organised we recommend developing checklists, scripts and forms for every eventuality which may exist in your business.

Another very important reason for establishing office protocols (or ‘procedures’ as they are commonly referred to) is that in the future, when the time comes to induct another staff member into your organisation or – even better – when you may be selling or franchising a successful business, you will have thorough, documented procedures for all personnel to follow. The importance of this must not be underestimated. It is said that procedures manuals and databases form the backbone – and hence the worth – of any business.

This collection of editable forms have been lifted directly from Carol Posener’s own files which are in use in her business today. These include:

  • Terms and Conditions: This approachable set of Terms and Conditions cover the basic services of a professional engaged in a service industry as well as products which may be sold as part of a business.
  • Website Privacy Policy: the all-important privacy disclosure conditions which any website owner needs to supply to their customers and database as part of the legal requirement to protects client’s privacy at all times.
  • Clothing Policy: In the event of your business requiring the services of another contractor, this comprehensive document outlines an acceptable code of dress which, when signed and acknowledged by the person, forms the basis for an agreement for that individual’s attire when they represent your business.
  • Fax Cover Sheet: A simple, effective cover sheet which, when completed, provides the recipient with the necessary information to process the facimile.
  • Client Confidentiality Agreement: An all important and comprehensive document outlining the leagal and contractual obligations between you and your client which serves as a legally binding document. this form will give your clients peace-of-mind when engaging your services and speaks of professionalism in your business.
  • Office Survey Report: This editable document forms the basis for an assment of a working relationship between a client and your business. It underpins the assessment of the work that you are being engaged to do, gives you (and your client) the opportunity to clearly identify the scope of your role and opens the opportunity to create a quote of offer complimentary products or services.
  • Service Feedback Form: In this industry, customer satisfaction underpins the ongoing development of your business, providing the opportunity for feedback and growth as well as the possibility of a testimonial for your website or promotional materials (with the client’s permission, of course).
  • Telephone Response Form: How will you answer the phone? What information are you seeking? Have you communicated your agreement effectively to your client, or made an arrangement to clarify? This simple but detailed form will assure you of covering all the bases and provide a record for you should you forget any of the details after the call.
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