Get Organised – Babysitter and Nanny Checklist


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The Get Organised – Babysitting/Nanny Checklist is a product that all families can use as a resource for your personal Babysitter or Nanny.

We’ve done the work for you!
It is designed as a comprehensive Guide and Checklist to store all the relevant information about your child, or children, including important contacts, allergy information, foods they can and can’t eat, bedtimes, emergency contact numbers, house rules, daily log and a host of other valuable information.

Relax knowing your child-carer has all the information at their fingertips for all situations when needed.

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“(My children) are doing a lot of babysitting. It is good for them to know what details parents should leave for them. Once, a door blew shut in the wind during an afternoon baby sitting in winter with two tiny kids – mother did not have her phone on as she was at a performance and she had no second number as a backup, to see if there was an outdoor key. Fortunately (my daughter) could bring the kids back here, but it showed her you really need to be checking that the parents have given enough info. Naturally the mother was horrified, but it was a wake-up call”. VIP customer.

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