Get Organised – Evacuation Preparation Checklist


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Preparing for an unexpected weather event is essential. Evacuation preparation takes thought and planning for all members of the family. Follow the guidelines outlined in this detailed checklist and you will be well-prepared for any eventuality.

The Get Organised Evacuation Preparation Checklist identifies:

  • Why you should prepare for a disaster.
  • How to prepare your family for a disaster.
  • What to do in preparation for a disaster.
  • Disaster supply kit.
  • Types of food to stock up on.
  • Communication and how to deal effectively with this.
  • What to take when evacuating – sanitation, clothing & bedding, safety equipment and supplies, special needs, first aid, non-prescription drugs, and other essentials.
  • Important documents to take.
  • Contact details of relevant people and companies in your life.
  • BONUS – How to prepare and stock up for a Corona Virus Quarantine.
  • BONUS – How to set up a GO Bin.

This checklist is designed to identify areas that you will need to consider and plan for in the case of an emergency. Time will invariably be limited, resources stretched and people (particularly children) may be confused about how to deal with contacting loved ones. Fill out all the points covered in this essential Evacuation Planning Checklist, teach your family the importance of following basic practices and let everyone know the contact ‘tree’, and you’ll be well-prepared for any weather event.

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