Airbnb Get Set Up Checklist & BONUS Guide



The Get Organised Airbnb Get Set Up Checklist & BONUS Guide offers you comprehensive information from a Professional Organisers’ perspective.

Renting out a bedroom, a studio or your entire home through Airbnb has become a global trend that is helping thousands of families from all over the world to generate income from their home.

This comprehensive Checklist and BONUS Guide includes:

  • Creating a memorable experience
  • Lockboxes and Keyless entry systems
  • Communication
  • Expectations and reviews
  • Instructions for guests
  • Style Your Space with Pizzazz
  • Comfortable Sleep
  • Where to buy quality linen and accessories
  • Bathroom essentials
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Cleaning protocol
  • Cleaning equipment needed
  • Natural Cleaning products and sources
  • Pricing and additional charges
  • Damages
  • Airbnb Get Set Up Shopping Inventory Checklist (reusable)
  • Airbnb Get Set Up Cleaning Checklist (reusable)
  • PLUS much more.

Buy this Checklist now, or save money and purchase it as a part of our Get Organised Checklist Pack (as one of 10 expertly designed Checklists/Guides).




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