How to De-clutter Your Life – A Blog by Emily Chantiri

The Savvy Girls Money Book

In 2010, I was interviewed by Emily Chantiri for her excellent article on – you guessed it! – ‘How to de-clutter your life’. 
Emily has authored a book called ‘The Savvy’s Girl’s Money Book‘ and has grasped the roots of the issue of disorganisation and the unwillingness of many people to part with items in their lives; she poses questions and looks at solutions about how to deal with this.

What I really like about this article is that it cites real-life examples of people who are no different to many of us – to varying degrees. But no matter how far along the scale we are, everyone can relate to aspects of our relationship with our ‘stuff’. 

Emily states ‘de-cluttering your life is one of the most positive and affirming things you can do’, and of course we love that sentiment.

Reading Emily’s blog is more like the recounting of the very real feelings that come with the process of becoming more organised, and certainly doesn’t feel like the usual ’12 tips to…’ style. If you are interested in an enjoyable, insightful and informative read, visit her blog . 

I enjoyed meeting with her and certainly enjoyed reading her blog. Thanks Emily!

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