How Fergie Gets Organised in her Closet.

Just surfing through the internet the other day… did I say surfing? I meant, working and looking for something for a client…(A girl’s gotta have some relief from all that invoicing)…I found a fun article on Fergie and her (ahem) penchant for organising her wardrobe.

See, even the stars can function with a little OCD! Feel better?

With THREE large closets, it is apparently a little like our beloved Sex In the City movie, and Carrie’s comment – “If you live here, what is there to fight about?”. 

Fergie’s beloved, Josh Duhamel, gets a wobbly rack whilst Fergie lords of the other large walk-ins…her territory, no doubt. Well, she needs space for all that stagewear, right?

Apparently, she has one room dedicated to glam and one to casual. Yeah, ‘room’. And, I am almost afraid to say, is quoted as never throwing anything out. Now, come, ladies, don’t get excited. She has, after all, got 3 rooms and a terrific clothes budget which almost ensures that her purchases have a degree of enduring…something or other. Did that sound like rationalisation?

Anyway, she at least has the talent for keeping her (extensive) stuff organised. But where does she find the time, as well, to remember – and sift through all the options of what to wear. I would have a complete Libran flip-out whit so many choices! And I’m not even Libran!

Imagine having the funds to decorate your wardrobe in more glam than most of us have to decorate our house…and the hutzpah to use chandeliers and zebra print. Still, it’s a private space…..

Sneakers are her favourite, and whilst I splurged on a pair of Converse the other day, she doesn’t like to get them dirty, so she wears them, ah, once. And them, presumably, never throws them out. Good grief! 

Read all about this lady’s fashion fixation here and sneak a peek at her admirable wardrobe organisation habits (maybe she has her own professional organiser??).

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