Get Organised With Your Travel Documents

Get Organised

This is a really useful piece of luggage that many of you may find useful when travelling. 
There are so many things to think about when you’re travelling; passports, credit cards, international driver’s licence, boarding passes, tickets, etc. etc. It’s hard, so much to think about on that holiday…

This little gadget sums it all up in one go…easy to use, functional and really secure. 
The company, Pacsafe, specialises in well-designed, useful storage solutions with a distinct edge for safety and robust design. They have an entire range of useful, sturdy and great looking accessories. 

No more fumbling with your ticket, passport and other travel documents at check-in, customs or security checks when you’ve got the PouchSafe 200 Travel organiser
The PouchSafe 200 combines the convenience and quick access of a pre-boarding pouch with unrivaled compartment layout to provide a very efficient travel and ticket organiser.

  • Slashproof adjustable neck / shoulder strap
  • Tamperproof front security flap conceals zippers
  • Clear fold over ID card flap
  • 2 passport pockets – internal and external
  • 2 ticket / boarding pass holders – internal and external
  • 2 internal zippered pockets, 2 sim card slots, memory card and spare photo holders
  • Card slots / pen holders
  • Rear pocket to store neck / shoulder strap when not in use.
They sell online in Australia, so check out the website for a list of Australian stockists. So, the next time you’re off to the south of France, do it in style and safety knowing that you are totally organised, and totally envied by me!  

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