Get Organised Unveils Their New Flagship Professional Organiser Online Training Program.

Get Organised, Australia’s longest established and leading Professional Organiser service provider, has now expanded its very successful Training program with the unveiling of our new, Professional Organiser Online Training program. Get Organised was established in 1993 by Carol Posener, Author, Speaker, Trainer and Director of Get Organised. 

We are proud to offer the most outstanding and comprehensive Professional Organiser Online Training Program available to aspiring consultants and business owners worldwide. Get Organised has conducted group and private training for aspiring consultants for six years, and provides this training to a global marketplace in a digital presentation.

The program consists of 5 downloadable Modules, each of which contains all of the industry specific information that you will need to complete each section of our Online Training. Over the duration of study, you will learn everything that you will need to know about becoming a fully-trained Professional Organiser, just as though you would by attending our face to face Workshop Training, but in the privacy in your own home and at the pace you prefer.

Each module contains readings, templates, checklists and additional material for you to use in your business, links to further learning websites or articles of interest and, of course, a copy of our ‘Get Organised in Your Home-Office eBook’. As well, there are a variety of assignments and activities for you to complete. The assignments are practical in nature and contribute to specific outcomes in setting up your career. Each activity can be checked off the list on an ongoing basis, and they combine to form the basis of your career as the best Professional Organiser that you can be.

By following this course of study and completing the assignments set in each Module, you will be well on your way to being a fully prepared, competent and confident Professional Organiser.

You can download and work on each module as you complete them, and login to the site at any time, or download and save all of the modules at once. If it is your dream to own your own business as a Professional Organiser, I personally would be delighted to mentor you, with our Online Mentor Training Program. In this comprehensive course, you will get extra learning modules with all of the information and activities that you need to know and undertake in order to set up and operate your business as a Professional Organiser. 

This Online training is available to overseas clients also, via email and Skype or FaceTime.

Should you have any queries, contact us via email at and we will be happy to work through any concerns with you!

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