Self-Isolation and Quarantine Life – Opportunities Abound

What can we do to keep busy and productive during this new experience in our lives? 

I don’t think I’d be alone in saying I’m feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed by the enormity of what is happening in the world, and I still haven’t got my head around it nor realised completely what it means. Everyone must be feeling like this because it’s never happened before.

The good news is, we are open and 100% committed to supporting you via remote sessions.

For me, what I’m taking solace in, is the unexpected time I’ll have to work on stuff that I’ve been wanting to do for ages. It feels right – this time, the world needs to work as one to change the way we, work, live, love and provide. And it all starts with a period of enforced self-isolation to self preserve and self reflect . 

So as of Monday 23 March, 2020 we are all self-isolating, and I think this will be a massive opportunity to get stuff done at home. 

But first up, the reality is, for the first few days or possibly for the next few weeks, will be all about settling into quarantine life. 

What does this mean? Quarantine life. We must think ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to BE quarantined in the comfort of our homes BEFORE this virus takes hold so we are protected – unlike others.  So let’s be grateful thus far.

And we’ll be doing it together ! The whole world. A first ever! How incredibly amazing!

Quarantine life means for some it will be…Yayyy we can stay home with all our mod cons and just hang out watching netflix. And Yayyy… we can have a break and spend this enforced (but fabulous) time with our families that we don’t normally get. 

For others, being separated from our loved ones will be challenging. For example my 95 year old mother lives in a Nursing Home and from today its in lockdown, so no more visits for a while – possibly months. The trouble is she is 95… so this is one horrible part of this virus already – the separation at her age – I’m feeling for Mum. 

Lockdown will mean difficult challenges for most. For us at home, we can think in new, creative ways to get around these challenges. You watch what happens. It already started last week with the race to the supermarkets to buy up big – just in case.

Most of us have stocked up ‘just in case’ pantries even though we haven’t needed to in Australia @ 23 March 2020. It may come a time, so those of us who did are ready. Pat on the back as that’s a great start to give you feelings of control but excessively hoarding toilet rolls was a bit much for some.

Whatever can reduce your stress at this point. There is a bonus in doing the shopping for your ‘just in case’ pantry now, and it won’t be a waste of time as you’ve done this shopping so you won’t have to shop for food and essentials for a while. 

As time goes on, perhaps within the next week or so, you’ll be setting up new daily routines to make your life easier, like who does the cooking each night and establishing a fair washing up roster. But we’ll have to learn to share nicely, be kind to each other and practice patience on an ongoing basis to work out ways to live together 24/7.

This is NEW to most of us except the people who lived through the depression during the late 20’s early 1930’s, who lived on rations and when quarantining was a way of life.

In fact, most of us don’t normally experience this at all. Ever.

I’m specifically referring to the day-in-day-out, 24 hours a day with our partner and children at home. Normally, we are separated by our work-day, school day, daycare, sport, outings, parties… time away from each other for periods of time even though we live together. 

I am sure we can go for walks, and short shopping trips, carefully keeping the prescribed distance away from others, but I have to admit, apart from the natural angst we are all experiencing in wondering how to negotiate the coming weeks, I’ve realised there are some cool positives coming. 

1. We’ll have more time to catch up on sleep (no commuting). You can still catch up on sleep and be ready to start your ‘work from home’ work at 9.00am. 

2. For those who can’t work from home and who are just stuck there, you’ll also have some more time to catch up on tasks around the house, like:  Gardening, cleaning out the fridge, preparing meals, cleaning, decluttering, and planning projects for after this thing is over. That’s just a few ideas.

3. If you seriously planned this ‘home time’ carefully, you could get SO much done. PLUS the EXTRA bonus is, you can get stuff done while there’s others around to help – which will lighten your load. (Lifting and moving furniture, boxes, reorganising rooms).

So, instead of wasting time, it will make you feel totally rewarded if you do get stuff done. You don’t want to look back, after this is over, and regret this precious time available to do things – and you didn’t take advantage of it.

To those of you who are keen to declutter and plan projects, or simply nut out what to do about a certain task, or want to brainstorm an idea – it’s perfect isn’t!

If you feel like a chat or to do a remote session for support, DM or email or call me on 0414 975 657 and remember, I’m here for you. Take care. Sending love from Carol

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