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Are you one of the growing list of foodies popping up all over the place?
There must be millions of us, judging by the number of popular and successful reality TV programs and guest chef specials which are presented to us a la carte on various channels these days.

And the more success that each program enjoys (Master Chef converts – clap vigorously here…) the more that their hosts turn up in other settings ready to regale us with their love of food and all things gastronomique. I mean, is there anyone in Australia who doesn’t know who Matt Preston is? Or, at least, what he looks like?

I came across a great website just now which caters for foodaholics and busy people (or, both, as the case may be…). It’s at and it’s literally crammed with delicious, practical, varied and interesting content which will appeal to all but the most die-hard non-cooking killjoy.

It’s got squillions of recipes, as well as an advanced find index which makes it as easy as (lemon meringue) pie to find the recipe you’re looking for – or, of course, you could dive right in and surprise yourself (and your guests) with a flourishing new Pate with Cumquat Marmalade – or something. 

Take heed, however, and don’t do what many of the contestants on shows like MKR do – TRY your recipe out before unveiling it to your boss on the night before you want to ask for that raise…maybe the flattened pavlova might reflect about as much of a raise as you might expect. Why do they do that?

By the way, I refuse to decipher MKR for anyone out there in blogosphere – I mean, surely?

Back to Don’t be fooled…this website is not just a glorified recipe book, but a whole universe of like-minded individuals and contributors whose passion it is to share their culinary journey on a variety of platforms. 

Membership to the site unveils the opportunity to create menu plans, shopping lists and a facility for saving your own recipes (very organised!) and they have very kindly launched a series of Flash tutorials which will help even the most introverted technophobe utilise the system and enjoy the benefits! Best of all, membership is free! 
There’s a Forum as well, for people who just like to hang around virtual kitchens without putting on those kilojoules (minus the aromas, of course! Rats!).

Of course, there’s a newsletter for fresh inspiration and some undeniably delicious competitions to enter. There’s a News & Features page which has up-to-the-minute info from some of our finest critics and venues. 

In fact, right now, we have the illustrious Matt Preston regaling us about the curious meanings of all terms haute cuisine. Tres merveilleux!

Cruising around this fantastic website will educate you about how to buy, ripen, store and serve a huge variety of fruits, vegies and other ingredients, as well as give you the low-down on when they’re available, what their nutritive value is and what the best preparation tips are.

They have specialist cuisine categories (think vegetarian, chocolate and – Australia Day menus?). Blogs, books, destination delights, nutrition information and – for the social butterfly – a ‘taste kitchen’ club! You, too, can critique, share, regale and comment. Who knows where this career move could lead to? Move over, Matt!

Need I go on? Helloooo! Are you still there or are you over on already? Come baaaack and tweet this post!

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