Elle McPherson – Celebrity Organising Tip for the Beach

Spring feels like summer here today in Sydney – everyone’s at the beach and the water is tres delicious – not too cold now, just a perfect temperature to cool off and loll about…

Here’s a new idea I came up with recently. I thought about how to protect my Iphone while I’m at the beach…

Pop a small zip lock bag into your beach basket and store your IPhone in it. It’s the perfect size to protect your mobile from sand and salt water and you can even see through the ziplock bag without opening it at the beach without fear of damage.

Also, I LOVE this summer Organising Tip from Elle McPherson. 

I read in ‘InStyle’ mag recently that Elle organises all her bikini’s and cossies into ziplock bags and colour codes them for easy retrieval. I just did the same for mine and store them in a favourite limed rattan basket..No more tangled cossies nor wasted time looking for matching sets.
Thanks Elle – love your style.

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