Buried Treasure – What’s Hiding at Your Place?

A SIMPLE spring-clean turned into a $2.5 million bonus for a Melbourne woman, when she found a five-month-old Tattslotto ticket on her desk.Get Organised with Your Home-Office

The woman, from suburban Doncaster, bought the ticket for the Superdraw on September 12 last year but thought she had lost it.

She said… “I was just doing some spring cleaning and came across a ticket clipped to some other paperwork by a bulldog clip”, the woman said. “I knew West Doncaster News and Lotto had sold a division one winner but I thought I had lost my ticket. Then I found it filed away yesterday and thought I’d call Tatts to see if I’d won anything. I really had no idea that it was the actual winning ticket”.

She was one of two division one winners from that draw.

The woman plans to share some of her win with her family and put the rest in a term deposit to give herself time to think about what to do with her unexpected windfall.

“I lead a simple life and I intend to keep it that way”, she said.

You never know what you may find when going through piles of paper or cupboards in your home or business. 

At Get Organised, we’ve found many thousands of dollars, refund cheques, bags of change adding up to healthy sums of cash and more. Clients have even recouped the cost of our services by finding missing funds. It is always literally amazing to us when we find paperwork indicating the existence of large sums of money – or, the actual cash! What fun!

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